Traktor Digger apk v1.06 [1.06] Android Download

Latest Traktor Digger 1.06 has recently been released for Android devices. Traktor
Digger 1.06 APK is completely and comprehensively compatible with 2.2 and up version.
Traktor Digger .APK is proudly Available here at Traktor Miner is a
tractor game where you regulate tractors to dig for gold! Traktor Digger is the very first
tractor game for Google android where you can easily regulate different tractors to mine
things! Your objective is to master the controls of your tractor in order to retrieve the gold
nugget as well as deliver it to the truck in the shortest volume of time, Traktor Digger 1.06
Android Download!
Traktor Digger 1.06 Traktor Digger apk v1.06 [1.06] Android Download
Traktor Digger 1.06 Latest Updates
- New level – World1 Level14
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed problem in World2 Level9
- New degrees – World1 Level13 – World2 Level17, Traktor Digger 1.06 APK Download
- Brand-new level World1 Level12. And also some slight bug fixes
- Corrected problem where some tools viewed black artifacts
- Preliminary release
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