Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g APK Games Download

Latest Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g has recently been released for Android devices. Strikefleet
Omega 1.2.1g APK is completely and comprehensively compatible with 2.2 and up version.
Strikefleet Omega .APK is proudly Available here at Planet has been
ruined by the Beehive Queen and her Brood and also you regulate Humanity’s last defender,
Strikefleet Omega. As Omega’s Admiral, you are denounced a desperate purpose– identify
the Queen as well as cease her prior to she obliterates our continuing to be colonies.
Contorting from star system to star system in your search, Strikefleet Omega struggles to
endure an onset of enemy invasions while mining priceless crystals which permit you to
warp in reinforcements from the last remaining shipyard in the Armada, Strikefleet Omega
1.2.1g Android Download.
Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g Strikefleet Omega apk v1.2.1g [1.2.1g] Android Download
Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g APK Features
Starfighter Carriers launch fighter squadrons you control with a nuisance of your finger
Artillery Gunships fire ravaging area-effect salvos with just a tap
Advanced Mining ships gather warp crystals a lot faster and more effectively
Bomber Carriers launch bomber teams to assault large estranged capital ships, Strikefleet
Omega APK Download
Fleck Projection Gunships destroy anything caught in the spar you drag with your finger
Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g Latest Updates
Unlock ASSAULT CLASS Carriers when you reach LEVEL 15 or Wave 80 in SURVIVAL MODE.
miscellaneous pest solutions and effectiveness enhancements
Download instructions for Strikefleet Omega 1.2.1g .APK


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