ROM][X8] Android XPERIA X8 GingerBread 2.3.7 Running With Themes 100%


  • Cleaning actions Gingerbread CM7.1 Latest version 2.3.7.
  • Minimum number of installed applications.
  • Lightweight: up to 102 MB free RAM.
  • My favorite modules: X8Gesture V007, V001 X8Undervolt, X8MDDI V001, smartass AX8
  • Suave. CM6 is as smooth as 2D (dropdown / throwing ...)
  • Hostpot 54Mbps WIFI WPA2-PSK (Infrastructure and ad-hoc) 450Mbps USB tethering Bluetooth PDA NET 1Mbps to 1Gbps
  • WEP supported adhoc
  • Supports 3G E15i supports 3.5G 3.7g E15a
  • Dual Recovery and reboot to xRecovery / CWM
  • CallMeLouder (Call me strong): loudest ringer when the phone is inside a bag
  • Improved Move down muted ring
  • Move down silences alarm
  • Default 710MHZ processor (Includes SetCPU - MAX MIN 825MHz-748MHZ 122MHZ> unstable)
  • Calls hangs back button
  • 3.2MP camera to
  • Coming All Sony updates in this rom
  • Copy / Paste fast (Copy / Paste)
  • Full customization of Ice Cream Sandwich ADW Launcher EX
  • Text of custom network operator
  • Integrated support tone loop without editing. Ogg
  • Optimizer ("soft") scrolling / flinging
  • Screen lock type random
  • Configuration section
  • 210MB of internal memory
  • The screen flips 360 °
  • ScreenShot - Screenshot
  • You can install applications on SD
  • 12-track v1.0 v1.1 Chosen Theme> Theme Chosen Superior Threads Optional end of the post to download: 
Basic White
Samsung Galaxy

End of 


  • Do not Have Known Errors.
  • This Rom is the most stable for X8

Requirements to install Backup :
  1. Rooted phone and over 20% load
  2. Recovery or xRecovery ClockworkMod 
  3. Kernel NAA and also the base band last xxx015
  4. Works 100% naa Kernel
  5. Alfs Kernel (not working WiFi and Hotspot)
  6. In Kernel 2.6.29 @ SEMHost SEMCUser # 1 Not Compatible
Requirements to install 
  1. X8 ROM 2.3.7 download
  2. Keep it in SD
  3. Start in Recovery
  4. Select custom install. Zip
  5. 2.3.7 select X8
  6. And ready to begin installing
  7. When you finish installing Recovery To Factory Reset
  8. Ready restart and enjoy

Wait about 4 minutes after you first start if you do not start full wipe in Recovery  

All versions retain the data partition, so do not worry about losing apps or apps settings. 

Features 2.3.7 update V1.1 (December -16 to 2011). Small improvement
The ROM will be published today 16 DEC have to watch that may be published in next minutes
  • Last Update 3.4.4 Android Market
  • Aggregates were AdFree and Applanet
  • Added CyanBread was
  • xLoud Added DSP Manager was internally
  • TrackID music recognition
  • 3.7g modem faster than ever
  • IG = Internet Free if you Telcel or Comcel 
  • Fund in Full Screen Video
  • Supports 710MHz 729MHz processor
  • And XPERIA ARC ADW Launcher
  • Latest version of Facebook
  • Free 200MB Internal Memory
  • Finger gestures and volume keys to move to Cell
  • Removal of advertising  AdFree 
  • You can download paid applications in  Applanet
  • Faster and with less battery consumption and RAM
  • Support for Flash Player Adobe AIR 11.1HTML5
  • My Official ROM without Bugs
  • New Framework and other system applications and recovery
  • Configuration of DSP-end Audio Manager Megabass
Setup IG is only compatible with V1.1 or higher 
is not compatible with other ROMS do not waste time ....! 

Features V1.2 update 2.3.7 (date unknown). Small improvement

  • [BackUp] V1.0 131MB: Here