Prince of Persia 4 2D

The gameplay in Prince of Persia retains a very similar feel to the Sands of Time trilogy, in the sense that the acrobatics, puzzle solving and combat elements will all still be intact. However, the game is non-linear, and hence, the players are given the opportunity to explore any part of the world at any time they want to.

A new supporting character, Elika, has a large role in gameplay, in a sense where she saves the Prince from death while in combat or exploring the world. Ubisoft has emphasized that the Prince will not "die" in this game, as Elika will save him from any danger and bring him back to the last safe point of the game. (Hope we make him die at least once

Combat will largely differ from that in the Sands of Time trilogy, but is similar to that of the original Prince of Persia trilogy. The majority of combat is one-on-one combat, instead of fighting off hordes of enemies as in the Sands of Time trilogy. The Prince wields a sword, but he also uses his gauntlet as a secondary weapon, using it to block enemy attacks and hurl his opponents in the air by grabbing them.

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