Lord of Darkness apk: Android latest 3D games apk for qvga hvga wvga armv6 phones free downloads from mediafire free!

Load of Darkness Darksecret herogadieonin undercommand"Tower of Death"has beenarrested in theundercover is a3D action game to escape2D sprites way beyond 3D to implement both a moredimensional and colorful graphics, you will experience, and arrow keys and attack roll, skill key combinations with speed an action's fun, and each weapon Per-skill Since there are so many different strategies, yet you can enjoy spectacular actionIn addition, acquired through gameplay using gold to buy weapons and armor 
your character can grow and replace the equipment that the more powerful in appearance and can be experienced directly. Lord of Darkness apk: Android latest games apk for qvga hvga wvga armv6 phones free downloads from mediafire free!

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 Battle System - The simple approach to fighting
: Action game that can be called the basic attack and roll (evade) combo systemthrough a combination of action and a strong yeonsokgi and a variety of situationscan be achieved.

 Weapon & Skill System - Stylish Action
: SwordSwordGauntlet, Bomb, GUN total of five weapons, etc., is provided for each weapon has a different attack styles and characteristicsEach weapon skill can be used by two glamorous and powerful offensive weapon for the battle to help you with the skills and skill is divided into seopoteuhyeongWear up to four weapons, becauseeach stage can be used strategically.

 Stage - 100!
: 100-story towers to escape the underground concept consists of a total of 100stageone goes to the upper echelons, a monster appeared and configuration will increase the difficulty of the game is differentIn addition, there appeared a certainstage, the powerful boss monsters you will need a strategic play.

 Arena mode - endless challenges!
: Survival Arena mode type, a total of 25 waves in restricted conditions, the mode iscleared at onceSecret cleared each time a specific wave intervals are able to acquire rewardsRare items that are not available in this game exists.

Compatible Device List: Android 2.2 or up (Samsung Galaxy Mini, gio, fit, 5, young y, Sony ericsson x10 mini pro, x8, lg optimus one, htc wilfire s etc), all hvga & wvga devices.


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