Download FIFA 2012 for Android (APK & SD Data)

The first thing I have to mention is that there has been no multiplayer mode added to this Android release, which is as maddening as it was on iPhone, but that loss has been compounded by an even more mystifying omission- manager mode. Yes, you read that correctly, the brilliant career and manager mode has disappeared from this version. The only reason I can think of for its absence is because EA have to host the extra data download, and a manager mode would have increased this a lot, but whatever the reason it is a major feature that is missing from FIFA 12 for Android.
Many an Android Website would be appalled at this loss, and I am sure many Android fans will be equally upset. There are a few more problems, of a technical nature that I should mention. First of all, the sound has major issues, with crowd and commentary cutting off for no reason at all in the middle of games, and there is also the issue of Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are running ICS, I wouldn’t recommend trying this game, as there have been many problems for ICS users.
Aside from all that, the experience is similar to the iPhone version. The games plays just the same, that is to say one of the best playing football and soccer games money can buy. The graphics do seem to have been reduced in detail somewhat, but nothing that you would notice.
Overall, what we have here is a hobbled version of an excellent football game. There is still no multiplayer, and the loss of the manager mode is critical and a genuine shame for Android users. The fact that this is more expensive than the iOS version is actually a bit insulting to Android fans, and as such it deserves its low score.
So this is description about this game that I get from Google Play Store :
Experience the action of your favorite sport like never before! Watch matches come to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-realistic animations.
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** This is a big game, so we strongly recommend connecting to WiFi before downloading. We promise – it’s worth it! **
Featuring over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. Take to the pitch with superstars like Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and more. From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums.
Capture the passion and power of the world’s most popular sport with unprecedented authenticity. This is the deepest, most visually striking football title ever. Feel every thrill on the pitch with your heroes, anytime, anywhere.
New control schemes let you handle the ball with greater precision than ever before. Master free kicks and penalty shots with full touch control. Get in the game with realistic 360° player movement and gesture-driven skill moves. Pull off defense-splitting passes, rifling shots, penalty kicks, and pro-style tricks.
Football is life! Now live it to the fullest with the ONLY officially licensed FIFA game on Android!
I’ve been try this game on my Galaxy Tab 7.7 with Honeycomb OS and it’s work well,.. :)
Download Link Fifa 2012 APK : Click Here
Download Link Fifa 2012 SD Data : Click Here


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