Tekken 3 - Full Game

Tekken 3 is the third installment of Namco's premier 3D fighting game franchise. Converted from the arcade to the PlayStation, Tekken 3 ran on the technology called the System 12 board. It is a step better than Namco's System 11 board, which is nearly identical to the PlayStation. The trick was to pull off a conversion to fit with the console's architecture and technology, and they did just that.

How To Play: 
1. Unpack. 
2. Run the "Tekken.reg" file 
3. Double click ePSXe.exe>config>video>set D3D renderer 1.11(example)>ok 
4. Run Tekken.bat or Tekken.exe. 
5. Black screen comes Wait few seconds or click V button until the game start. 
6. Play the game.Enjoy!!! 

 Click here for download :           Mirror 1          (Megaupload)
                                                      Mirror 2          (Mediafire)


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